Travelled inSeptember 2013
Visa type : Short term visa in France. Travelled from France to Belgium with same schengen visa
Transport : Belgium is good to get around by buses, metros, trams and taxis. As of now, Metros are available only in Brussels. It is also an exquisite experience to travel by tram in those fascinating alleys of medieval architecture. Rail Europe also offers high speed trains between different countries with money saving plans. It’s a great opportunity to watch Europe’s panoramic views in a different perspective while travelling through trains.
Places not to miss :I would highly recommend Grand Palace market place in Brussels to experience its 14th century Architecture especially, the majestic Town Hall. The opulent architecture of market place leaves one with a royal experience of this beautiful city.
Grand place or Grote Market in Brussels.
The Central Square of Brussels
Food recommendations :Chocolates and more chocolates !!! Since Belgium is the sanctum for sweets and chocolate lovers since ages. Right from chocolates to the mussels, Belgium possess its personal tang in both snacks and traditional food.
Check out their Sandwiches, Speculoos (cookies), waffles and fries for a quick grab and some exclusive Belgian dishes like Mussels with fries, Carbonnades Flamandes (Stoverij),Stoemp, Waterzooi with legendary belgic beer.


Day tours from Capital : Its geographical location makes Brussels a perfect place for day trips within the country and to other bordering nations.
A must visit day trip should include Bruges known as the Venice of the north for its charismatic canals in medieval architecture and Ghent for its rich powerful history.
You can also consider crossing the French border( Paris) or Dutch border(Amsterdam )or Luxembourg  by train or by the many tour buses available from Brussels on a day tour.
Medieval architecture in Bruges, Belgium


City tour of bruges by means of boats


Best season to travel : Summer
Considering the entire year, summer holds a special charm in Belgium. From June to late summer would is a great time to travel around the enchanting medieval towns of Belgium. You also could have a bonus of indulging in mussels, as summer is a season of mussels here. However winter in Belgium isn’t as predictable as regards to rain and snow.
Personal insights :I didn’t have a chance to speak much with locals except in cafés and restaurants since this was my first trip and I wasn’t comfortable enough moving out of my shell, initiating a conversation with the locals. The Belgian hospitality and service however is warm and welcoming. I totally became attuned in harmony to the melody of Belgium chocolates. The best chocolates I ever had in my life.  Considering the availability of delicious food, best beer and impressive architecture in proximity of just about two hours from both, Paris and Amsterdam, I believe there shouldn’t be any reason to dodge Belgium during European travels.
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