Birth & Delivery is the finest and ground-breaking bundle of Mihee. What else can be the greatest privilege than capturing a life entering this world? We are extremely ardent and respectful towards the progression and space. This Bundle includes the process of labor and Delivery with flexible time slots of any specified schedule during day or night at any specified location at home or Hospital in Toronto, Ontario. Please note the data we capture is highly confidential at MIhee until we have a written consent from the couple to share on web.

Price Window from 300 CAD to 1000 CAD

Time Window from 3 hours to 3 days

We are honoured to have this incredible bundle at Mihee to capture those raw and intense emotions of love, light and life.

Our motive of this bundle is to seize lifetime memories of your lil miracle entering this world in the chaos of Pain, joy, tears and laughter. The Roller coaster ride of emotions are worth to zoom in to look back anytime in the life journey.