Yay!! The word Christmas itself makes me so delightful and happy. It truly gives extra joy, beautiful lights and exquisite charm to any city. Those wintry days with no soul on the road yet the image of everyone huddled together under one single roof singing, dancing and celebrating warms up my heart.


Since my childhood, I have always had this special festive kinship towards Christmas with its amusing lights, cakes and candles. Even though my parents are Hindus and don’t celebrate Christmas, they never stopped us from going to church or chastised us for feeling Christmassy along with my Christian friends celebrating it.


My fond memories from childhood Christmas celebrations are me going to church with my friends and cousins with candles. As kids, we thought that the only criteria to visit church was to carry candles. Some of us would buy at the church and some of us who didn’t have pocket money would bring from home, they could be old or new. 😉 We knew that Jesus is very kind and would forgive us.  Later, we would walk around the big church telling each other Christmas stories we knew.


Then, we prayed rigorously. Yes, quite rigorous for that age. We would then start looking for beautiful stars and Christmas trees in and around and make our obligatory visit to the baby Jesus crèche.


Now, I feel quite surprised to think about how our little hearts could find joy in such simple things while wandering aimlessly. It was so much fun seeing well decorated Christmas trees and customized greeting cards that included Christmas and New Year wishes.


I guess there always will be some spontaneous outbursts of joys that continue through years to make us feel Christmassy all over again, Every year. I feel super-duper happy when I see Christmas lights and Christmas trees everywhere. The warmth these lights send in my heart brightens my mood for the season. I love the congenial vibes that spark within us, sensing this beautiful Christmas atmosphere making us forget the cold and chill during this time of the year.

The thought of the entire world becoming colorful and festive during this season warms up my heart. I feel blessed and privileged to shine in Christmas lights at all the places I have so far traveled. Here’s bringing you some lights and insights to make you feel more Christmassy ☺



India is a land of multiple religions. Only thing I knew when I was a child was that a house with star celebrate Christmas and they are called Christians. But, yes. “Star” plays a special role in Christmas decorations. You get to see a star in front of all houses that celebrate Christmas.


There will be a big mass starting in the evening until late night on Christmas Eve. A lovely thing about Christmas in India is sharing snacks and food with neighbors. Our family receives special sweets and snacks from our friends and relatives who celebrate Christmas.





My most fond memory of celebrating Christmas in Canada is to go back home during Christmas holidays. 😀 We had a long break for Christmas. I remember all our friends getting together to exchange gifts and share Christmas feasts.


During my recent visit to Canada, I got to see a lovely Christmas market in Toronto amidst a beautiful snow fall and The Cavalcade of lights.It was so dramatic and thrilling. ☺ 



The cavalcade of lights at Nathan Phillips square is an annual celebration of lightening an official Toronto’s Christmas Tree. This celebration truly lives up to the name with the Musical performance and fireworks surrounded by gorgeous Christmas lights. 





 The most beautiful Christmas I have ever celebrated was in  France, In Paris and Versailles. Champs-Élysées lights up for a month in a most exceptional manner.



Seeing so many Christmas markets all decked up in bright lights feels like a dream come true. Tasting cheese and mulled wine in glittering lights gives you a very filmy feel. There are so many cool Christmas markets in every city of France selling unique crafts to make you feel extra Christmassy from around the world.



The whole-hearted feeling that one gets during Christmas is quite difficult to express in words. People celebrate with their loved ones with special Christmas feasts like “Roasted Turkey with chestnuts” and a super special dessert “Bûche de Noel”. ( A traditional dessert in the shape of  Yule log made of sponge cake )


Christmas gifts play a major role in Christmas parties. Usually people celebrate with dinner on Christmas Eve. Patinoirs ( Ice skating) and Christmas Markets assembles approximately a month before Christmas. My first skating is in Paris and i always cherish it eventhough i could harldly skate. 




Malls would be fancily decorated with pere de noel (Santa clause) sitting posing with kids while the beautiful decor and insane sales tempt you to shop more in the district of fashion.



Christmas was not so popular here until a few years ago. With a fast growing Christian community in Korea, Christmas is taking on a significant celebration with people usually going to church on a Christmas day than on Christmas Eve.




Exchanging gifts is the most popular practice here.  There are not many Christmas markets yet there will be a beautiful display of Christmas decor at tourist places .


  You get to see the beautiful Christmas trees, lovely decorations and Christmas themes in Malls, coffee shops and at Famous squares.



 Its lovely to see Shopping commercials , Bakeries, subways and cafes with Christmas colors. Nice to see bright Red in snowy winter season ! I am not joking, literally everything possible in Red and white . Coffee Cups in Star bucks to the jewelry display in shopping centre. Ofcourse ! Red theme parties, white theme parties and sometimes, Red and white ! what not 😀




The Best Christmas gift we ever got was in our Taiwan 2016 travels.


The weather was quite warm and lovely marking a gateway for perfect travels during Christmas season. We could see busy, well decorated shopping malls on Christmas Eve yet empty roads on Christmas day.



We did not come across many Christmas markets but food markets in Taipei were crowded with business in full swing. we could hear Christmas carols almost in all cafes. It was also fun at Taipei city hall with beautiful Christmas lights.



Poland- We were in Warsaw for one of the Christmas seasons. It was super cold and although there were not many people on the road but I loved the old town in Warsaw. It is so beautiful with a huge Christmas tree in front of the Royal castle.



I instantly fell in love with the Christmassy aura it radiated. It’s a perfect gateway of dreamy Christmas hues and lights.




Christmas Markets around the old town is so beautiful serving warm mulled wines all around in a festive mood.



Like I mentioned above in my travels, isn’t it lovely how the world gets extra beautiful during Christmas season! The holiday spirits put everyone in such happy temperament.



Let’s enjoy the essence of Christmas by showering extra love on our loved ones with little gifts and with a sweet hug to the ones you fought with. Be a Santa who shines and spreads joy with beautiful smiles all around. Merry Christmas!!





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