When we travel, there are always certain exciting impressions and view points of the cities and people around the world. I came across such impressions while travelling and would like to share some of my travel insights.
The buzzing French capital is always vibrant and beautiful in all seasons.During summer the happiness of people escalates due to the sunny days and ever joyful vacations.I lived in Paris for a year or so. I found that the best topic to initiate a conversation with strangers is always about weather. Yes, Parisians love to share their views about weather at any point of time. They strongly believe that their mood and emotions alter significantly with a sunny day. They almost believe that sunshine is the solution for any problem in life. Alright, I am just exaggerating! But it is certainly not surprising to see them plan their days with warm weather in mind. Summers are a celebration in Paris. Most of the shops are closed in summer season when the French families take off more than a month for vacations. I haven’t seen another place yet where people talk about sunny fair weather and vacations as much as they do here. They live and have conversations by enjoying in parks, having picnics,taking vacations and reading books. Parisians, truly, celebrate the sunny ebullience a plenty and appreciate every moment of it.


Have you ever thought of the first impressions you get from a city or country during your travels? Last year, I had an opportunity to travel to Korea for the first time. It was a strange feeling on not knowing the language. Indeed it was as much an experience of illiteracy as I could see myself struggling while observing objects, pictures and surroundings more than my usual self in unknown places. It was strange contemplating this, since my senses are more focused and attentive when i don’t know the language. But I thoroughly enjoyed watching, hearing, observing every little detail as if it were the only way to understand and absorb the place.
Beyond the whole charm of the city, what got hooked me in Seoul were the billboards. Facades of commercial buildings are concealed with a wide range of tiny, small to giant billboards advertising their business. In the night, all these blinking sights light up the dramatic nightlife of Seoul. It is very fascinating that the idea of marketing holds so much of an aura with its unique architecture in day time and then flashing energy at night for the amusement of travelers.


Toronto is considered one of the biggest multicultural cities in the world where people of different ethnicity live together and is among the popular tourist destinations worldwide. Last year, I lived in Toronto and experienced its rich diversity. I visited various places in town and reached Eaton centre in Downtown. I was joyfully surprised to see global citizens from varied backgrounds coming together to share different cuisines under a single roof at the food court. That sight was such a delight to watch; this acceptance of one another’s culture with open arms. I believe it’s equally good to visit a place where you get to witness a mix of global community than just native inhabitants. It is so interesting to see people from different parts of the world coming together in harmony in one city. I often wonder how open and warm the country has to be to acknowledge the global diversity. After all travelling helps to learn from each other and grow stronger. Wouldn’t it be fun to see different races and cultures working and partying together in peace? I consider travelling not only a means of experiencing a motley of cultures but a collective kaleidoscope of united cultures from all around the world.
Isn’t it interesting that small incidents during our travels would influence us strongly and leave us with different perspectives. Have you thought of any such significant intuitions during your travels ? If so, we would love to hear your travel stories and your outlook of travels. 

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